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*HOLD THE REPAIRS-Let's have fun!

          Well, Mike, you asked for it some personal stories about us and our
quattros, so here it goes:

               I had been looking for a nice Audi 5000CSTQ, for a reasonable pr
ice for a while (hard to find in the metro-Atlanta area).  I hadn't been able
to find one I really was willing to spend money on.  But, one evening, my
friend and I went out for dinner at Maccaroni Grill (a good Italian restaurant
BTW).  Anyways, I noticed as we were pulling in the paking lot, that there was
a nice Pearl white Audi 5000CSTQ parked up near the front of the restaurant.
As usual I went up to take a look at it on our way in.  It was beautiful....the
nicest one I'd seen yet.  It had navy blue leather interior (immaculate), the
pearl painted Fuchs alloys, and a sharp navy blue pinstripe.  I was in love!

                I had been looking for a quattro like this for months, and here
it was right in front of me.  I asked my friend if he had any Post-It notes in
his car, and he said yes.  So, I wrote a little note saying that I was interest
ed in this car if the owner was willing to sell it.  I put my phone number on
it and stuck it to the driver's side window.  We then went in and ate.

                 A week or so later, the owner gave me a call.  It turned out
that the owner was a private dealer who was going to take the car to Colorado
and sell it, but he decided to give me a call first.  I was a little intimidate
d when the first thing he asked me was "How much are you willing to pay for
the car?"  I didn't want to loose this opportunity, so I didn't try to lowball
him.  I offered $8,000 (it had 75k miles on it....and was sold new at First
Motorcars, a local Porsche/Audi dealer, and had all records).  He aid "How
about $8,500?" and I said "Fine."

                 I, of course, had the car checked out by a reputable mechanic
, who said it was in great shape, and only needed a few minor things....and
none of these were urgent.  The mechanic told me that $8,500 was a very fair
price for the car.  But, I was able to use some of things the mechanic told me
the car needed to haggle the price down....I got it for around $8,000.

                 When I went to pick up the car, and give the guy a check, I
brought my dad, since he was helping me with some of the money.  My dad loved
the car too, and was real impressed with it.  I was supprised to see a
Lamborghini Jalpa next to the quattro in the garage.  I asked the guy if it was
his and he told me that he buys and sells lots of exotics.  He likes quattros,
and he has connections with dealerships in Colorado, and often sells them to
dealers up there.  He told me he also has a Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 (the one
with 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering), although I didn't get to see it.

                 Well, a year later, and now with 90k on the odo, I still have
the same feelings for this car as I did the day I bought it.  I love it, and I
don't think I'll be selling it anytime soon....maybee never, if I can help it.

 Thanks for listening...if you made it this far!