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Re: New shoes: D60A2 (was V8 Handling/brakes)


>same load rating, same size, etc.  Anyone know what's going on here?  what
>happens if I pump up this Dunlop to say, 39 or 40 psi, esp in front, where,
>as Eliot notes, it helps?

What happens, Linus?  

You get better cornering with less rubber rolling under laterally.  

I run my 36 psig rated tars at 45 psig routinely.  I get sharper cornering
and more uniform tread wear across the entire surface instead of just
scrubbing off the edges right down to the steel with lots of rubber still
left in the center of the tread.  My tars wear longer as a result.

How high can you go without risking things like blow-outs, popping tires off
of rims, etc.?  I dunno, but 45 psig ain't there yet.  

BTW I'm running v-rated Yoko all-season AU+4's.  Not the greatest for
handling but relatively cheap and pretty decent in the white stuff.

This may not necessarily be a "one size fits all" decision, but it works for me.

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