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Re: Trans ? - '87 TQ

>Ya know, I've never fully understood the concept of double clutching,
>have I figured out how to do it.  Do you actually push the clutch in, take 
>the car out of gear, let the clutch out, push the clutch in, put thet car in

>next gear, let the clutch out?  I'm just so confused!

Close you forgot one step:

1) Clutch In
2) Gear lever to neutral bar
3) Clutch out
4) Blip throttle
5) Clutch in
6) Gear lever to next lower gear
7) Clutch out

Double clutch's are used for downshifts only generally.  At Skippy school 
we used to make the students chant or "sing" the downshift song!  

> Any love tap I give is generally a kiss blown to the other driver
>as I go sailing by...

Verses my personal fave the single digit wave!

Hope that helps.


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com