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Re: Trans ? - '87 TQ

Steven Buchholz sez:
> I find the most difficult thing about changing the tranny/diff fluid (in 
> a MT) is getting the replacement fluid into the hole.  It is all pretty 
> accessible from below, given that you have the proper sized hex driver 
> (17mm?).  I usually drive the car to warm up the fluid and then pull the 
> fill plug and the *two* drain plugs.  I then do the rear diff too.  

Some tips:

1) Pull the fill plug first; that way, the (thick) oil comes out in a nice
even stream, rather than glopping out (the airflow makes this work).

2) Purchase a plunger pump unit for the gear oil jug -- if you can't get these
locally, Girot's Garage sells them.  Trully a day-saver.

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