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Re: Four Items - Kinda Long

>When executed a few times, it becomes a trained reflex and and can be 
>accomplished VERY quickly.  It is used by the high-end racers, whose 
>gear boxes shun such niceties as synchros, and by those who use its 
>virtues for braking and other maneuvers.

Actually in the race car's that I drive with crashbox's (No Syncro's) we 
only use the clutch when getting out of the pit's. Doubleclutching used 
to be used a long time ago, but with the superior brakes on the modern 
race car we are never on the brakes long enough to fool with a clutch pedal.

As for using your engine's compression for braking, in any other 
situation other than everyday street driving your wasting your time 
trying to use the engine to slow down.  Think about this your engine, in 
this case a turbo 10v, can contribute about 110hp of compression braking 
(at 5600 rpm)  your brakes on the other hand can provide over 2000hp in 
braking effort.  My money's on the brakes.  NJT 


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com