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Removing Rounded Drain Plugs (WAS: Re: Trans ? - '87 TQ)

> If you have never replaced the fluid in the tranny/diff I'd recommend that 
> you put some penetrating oil on the plugs some time before getting started.
> 	Too bad previous owners didn't heed your advice.
> 	I have a striped reat diff drain plug :-(
> 	Any good ideas on getting it out?

OOOOOOOOOOOH ... that's a tough one.  The reason I use the penetrating oil
is because I learned on other bolts that it is a good idea.  I still had a
bit of trouble becuase the threads welded together in one spot.  The only  
idea that I would have would be to attempt to create some type of groove 
that you could fit a LARGE screwdriver into.  Another possibility would be
to get a larger tool and force it into the hole, but I would imagine that 
this approach would tend to bind the threads.

I'll post this response to the net to see if anyone else has ideas ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)