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--- Received from A.CARLSON  +852-2511-3033         18.09.95 03.16

Fresh from the IAA in Frankfurt, details on Audi?s TT, the zippy
little coupe you will be reading about in the motoring press very
soon.  It is, of course, a concept car only:

ENGINE          1.8l 4cyl, 5V, turbo, 110KW/150 BHP
                Transverse front engine, permanent Quattro 4wd
                5 speed manual transmission

SUSPENSION     Macpherson front, lower triple A arms, anti roll bar
               Double A-arm rear with subframe mount, anti roll bar

WHEELS/TIRES   7 J 17 / 225/45 R 17

PERFORMANCE    top speed 225 kph (140 mph)
               0 - 100 kmh 8.0 secs.

WEIGHT         curb weight 1220 Kg (2694 lb.)

BODY           Fully Galvanized, unit body, aluminum doors, quarter
               panels and hood

              2-door coupe with 2 rear jump seats

DIMENSIONS    4025 MM lenght (158 in.)
              1750 MM wide  (69 in.)
              1330 MM high  (52 in.;)
              2428 MM wheelbase (96 in.)

What does it look like?  Good question.....

According to the press kit, it is bold, passionate and
unconventional. The car prefers acceleration to top speed, agility to

My own opinion, personal and subjective:  I see elements of VW?s
Concept One, the old Nissan Figaro show car from years back, and a
front end oddly reminiscent of a thirties Chrysler Airflow.

This is a love it or hate it design.  Once pictures start appearing
in the press, it would be interesting to hear what you people think.

Eric Carlson
VWAP Hong Kong