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Re: HOLD THE REPAIRS-Let's have fun

>Dear Quattro Quolleagues,

>How about sharing some >>personal<< Quattro (or Audi) highlights and


The 1995 SCCA Solo II Season!!!

Most of the people on this list have been following my rookie season of 
autocross in the "uncompetitive" 86 4000cs Quattro.  All the so called 
autox experts said the car did not stand a chance, even after full 
preparation to the stock rules.  I made them eat their words and my 
dust!!!  I won 13 out of 16 races this year.  I won the SCCA Central 
Division Series and the Ohio Valley Region Series.  I placed second 
atthe Ntional Tour Event in Evansville just .5 seconds behind the 
multi-time national champion, Andy Hollis, driving the ringer car for 
the class.

Looking back on the year, I must say I am more than pleased.  I only 
wish I could have gone to the nationals in Topeka .... next year for 
sure!!  This year was amazing and will be hard to top.  I am the first 
rookie to win the two series championships and I did it in a 9 year old 
car with 100k miles that was used as a tow vehicle by the last owner.  
The car is all original except for the Koni shocks, K&N filter, and, 
the Flow Master exhaust.

The winter projects include: new springs, suspension bushings, fuel 
filter, sway bar, brakes, and fuel injectors.  Please respond to my 
future post looking for advice on this.


1.  Not going to the nationals.... work comes first.
2.  Losing to Andy Hollis at the National Tour.
3.  Blowing off a belt at the Pro Solo.
4.  Not receiving sponsorship from the local Audi dealer ... I did not 
even ask for any money.... just a discount and storage space for the 
5.  I am still listening to valve tapping after replacing the lifters!!

Steven Verona