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Re: A/C keeps going, and going....

Hi all. Spent some time paying homage this weekend, and it
looks like I'm due for another $acrifice. The culprit in the
over-active blower motor was the blower control unit. At
least it's easy to get to.

Anyway, having pulled it out, I see that it's a Delco unit,
made in Japan. Dealer wants $90 for it. Somehow, I can't quite
believe that one stinking integrated circuit is worth $90.
Oh wait, silly me! I don't just get the IC, I also get the
fancy extruded aluminum heat sink that it comes on! Hey, that
must be at least $80 of the $90 right there....  Never mind
that my heat sink is still sinking just fine. Sheesh.

So is this one of those CC system Delco parts that's available
elsewhere, perhaps? Anybody ever look through a Newark or 
SGS catalog for this type of thing? (Don't have one at the
moment, or I would!)

BTW, in case anyone cares, the chip has the following printed
on it:
   DELCO  16061602
   STK6994J    161
   6B  8609  JAPAN

Thoughts, anyone?

Eric T.    '86 5kS