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Re: V8 Handling/brakes

> audi to the best of my knowledge never had a 4 yr warranty, my guess is
> that your dad's car is no longer under warranty unless of course he
> purchased it in late 1992.  the upgraded software may already be installed
> on a 1991 model.  this was a undocumented change, so there is no easy way
> to find out for sure.   i suppose you can open up the box and look at
> the EPROM revision codes.

Regarding the Warranty... Audi (at least in Canada) up to and including the 
1991 model year had all-inclusive warranties, 3 years until 1990 (?) and a
full 4 years in 1991. This included the "Audi Card" which is a credit card
like plastic card... Covers all maintenence excluding tires (and gas!) for
the whole period (4 years in our case!). Newer Audis have a more traditional
warranty like other marques (2 years I think)...

We'll dig in and see if there are any Eprom rev numbers for the auto-trans...


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