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Re: Summit Point QCUSA Event

In a message dated 95-09-18 15:36:23 EDT, mikes@specnet.com (Michael Spiers)

>and he'd also brought down a V8 just for fun...) and he SWORE the car was
>stock.  Now, I did look in the engine bay, and snuck a peek at his
> I noticed an allen-screw in the middle of that sucker, which I assumed was
>an adjustable wastegate.  But agian, the owner (the driver was his 18 year
>kid) swore he hadn't touched the thing...  Do S4's come with those allen-key
>bolts on their wastegates from the factory?

Yeah, Right.  Don't know about the S4's, but the wastegate on my '91 200q20v
is fixed (at least to such mechanical adjustments).  

Except for the wet, the M3 should be able to just run away and hide, laughing
all the way.  BOTRE (been on the receiving end)