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Re: Tachometer Help?!!

>Would the an audible alarm in addition to the tattletail visible alert 
>make sense?  That way you wouldn't have to take your eyes off the track.  
>Hmmm.  Maybe your peripheral vision is better than mine...

Shift Buzzers are annoying in a race car, I want to hear the car not a 
buzzer.  Shift lights are the way to go, backed up by a Soft touch 
Rev-limiter 500 rpm later.  Although I've been know to disregard the 
shift light.  I you have ever seen the "Secrets of Speed" profiling the 
Paul Rossi Race team, well that's me driving with the shift light on all 
the time that your seeing with the In-Car camera.


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com