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Re: Oxygen sensor

On Tue, 19 Sep 1995 SCHMIDT@LNS62.LNS.CORNELL.EDU wrote:

> I'm looking at the possibility of replacing my oxy sensor now that my '89Q-100
> has turned 145,000 (very rich combustion products, only 21-22 mpg around town),
> but thedealer gave me sticker shock with a $156.00 price quote.
> Do I recall correctly that sometime ago there was a thread about using a Ford?
> oxy sensor as a replacement??  TIA for any shared insights...

O2 sensors are all the same.  Well, almost.  The output voltage of an O2 
sensor is always the same, with very little variation between makes.  
Some sensors have aheater (3 or 4 wire sensors) while there is also a new 
sensor, called a wide band air/fuel ratio sensor, that really does read 
acurately from about 12:1 to about 22:1.  Regular O2 sensors are only 
really accurate right around stoichiometric (~14.5:1)  You can use any 
sensor you can find.

Graydon D. Stuckey										
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