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Re: 4000q a winner -hmmmm

>Aw come on! Dont you think we're being a little hard on him? Scott, you 
>are right though, nationals would take a LOT of work, if even possible. 
>But I think he did an awesome job finishing where he did. Im sure I 
>couldnt even come close to that. And for being his first year, thats 
>amazing. How about a little positive feedback too!

Hard on him, No. Realistic, Yes. Hey in my first year of Auto-X I won the 
region championship's in 3 regions, Was Undefeated in two, Won 
Divisionals and took a 5th in class out of 27 at Nationals, And BTW the 
first 12 cars in my class at nationals were all within 1/2 second. 
Remember this, A trailer baby will ALWAYS beat a daily driver.

>As far as not changing your minds about the original post, I seem to 
>recall a few "not only will you not win national, but you wont win 
>divisionals in a 4kq".  Well, for all intents and purposes he proved that 
>wrong.  He was beaten by an mx-6? how long was that driver doing auto-X????

He did'nt win at divisionals.......  The MX-6 Will beat the 4000Q it's 
that simple.  1/2 second may not sound like a long time but it's 
lightyears in a Auto-X.  I've seen national titles won buy .002sec 
cumulitive over 2 days.  Now being in the same 1/10 that's something to 
get excited over.  Remember in most auto-x's 1/2 sec is 1% of total time, 
in racing that a lot.


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com