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Euro lights for a 4K/Coupe

Okay we are going to try this again (You hear me Robert!).....  The buyer 
I had for the lights sold the car before he sent me a check... Go figgur!

What I gots...

Euro Aero Hella's for the 4000 series, the UrQ's and the Coupes.  These 
will replace your US spec Quad lights or your aero lights in any of the 
above mentioned cars up to 1986.  They use 1 H4 bulb per lamp, have the 
turn signals integrated and have the really cool "City Lights" in them. 
(Kinda a german parking light)

What I wants....

$350 of yer hard earned bucks delivered to your doorstep UPS blue.

Why you need them......

MUCH better light output, better pattern, can accept H4's in the 80/130 
watt variety!!.

Let me know! 


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com