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Euro headlights for Syncro?

Does anyone have any ideas of where a person such as myself might get some
Euro lights for my '86 Quantum Syncro?  Perhaps a source in Germany, a
friend, an OJ juror?

I'm also intrigued by the talk about melted wiring when using the high power
9004 bulbs.  I ran 90/150W H4's in my rally cars and 50/100W H4's in my
street cars for years and never had any problem with the stock wiring.  These
were in esenapaJ cars, but I can't believe they use heavier wiring than the
Germans.  I was planning on getting some 'hot' 9004's but after what I read
here, I'm very unsure.  However, I do know I need more/better light.  Winters
here in the northwest are dark and wet and the difference a nice set of Hella
H4's makes is night and day.  The standard lights on the Quantum are OK, but
could use more spread to the sides, and the Euro sharp cutoff is GREAT in the
rain/mist/fog/crud-falling-from-the-sky that is our weather.
Most of my driving is on urban roads and I don't like using auxiliary lights
with other people on the road.  Unless they're aligned perfectly, they don't
do me much good and they are awful for everyone around me.  Therefore, my
question about Euro lights.


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