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RE: audi sport (s models)

Does anyone have any info on the S-models?  I'm particularly interested 
in the S2 models, those built off of the Audi 80, which are unavailable 
in the US to my knowledge.  Is there a way to get one in the US?  These 
cars basically blow the doors off all others and are Audis to boot.  Any 
S-model info would be appreciated.

well from what I know there are S2's in sadan, wagon and coupe. There 
are apparently pretty good but not really about to blow the doors off 
anything that is a real sporty sort of car. They've had good revievs 
here in Australia but not as sports cars. Here the S2 coupe comes up
against the BMW M3 price wise, and just can't Keep up in any 
way shape or form.

Until you get to the RS2,
this is a car that will blow away real sports cars, i.e. 0-60mph in 
4.8 sec, top speed limited to 160 mph/315bhp. It's hot. Then there is the 
good old S1, if you can find one, and have enough money to pay for 
one, you can blow anything away: 0-100km/h in 3sec, over 500-530 bhp. 
A very silly car, but they only built 20 as evolution models of the 
quattro sport of 1984/85.
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