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Any experience with CO Analyzer discussed in EC Issue

I've been meaning to bring the info to work ... I did it again today but I 
wanted info so I decided to post my request anyway.  I saw a small report 
in the most recent issue of European Car about a CO analyzer that sells for 
less than $200.  I think the thing is called the GasTester (GasAlyzer?) and 
is manufactured by a British company.  It is being sold in the USA by the 
company in Florida that sells the EZbleed.  I got the info pack from them 
the other day and it sounds like something that I'd like to have, but I 
thought I'd try to get any info from my esteemed colleagues on the q-list.
Any experience or comments?

The tool is available in 2 forms, the cheaper model sells for ~$125 and is 
simply an exhaust gas analyzer (measuring CO only), while the "professional"
model costs ~$200 and includes dwell/tach type functions.

I've been looking for a cheap exh gas analyzer for some time, and this is 
the first since the Heathkit that sounds interesting to me.  Are there 
competative units in the less than $500 range?

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)