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87 4000CS Transmission+oil light

	 Last spring I bought a 87 4000CS from a friend up at school.  So 
far it has treated me well except for two things.  Sometimes for no 
apparent reason the check oil light goes off while I'm driving.  I can't 
link it to anything--acceleration, oil pressure.  I've mentioned it twice 
to two different mechanics and neither one has been able to solve the 
problem.  Also this summer one morning when I went to leave for work, the 
car would not move in drive only in reverse.  It was towed away and the 
mechanic changed the transmission fluid and filter and its been running 
fine since then but I've lost confidence in the car and I hate to think 
the transmission is on the fritz.  If you have any insight, it would be 
greatly appreciated.
					Renee Semons
					87 4000CS