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Shocks + Diff. Locks

    Two (hopefull) quick questions relating to my '90 100 Q. 

  Could I get a set of michelin rally shocks for this guy? How much would 
this run me? Would this be a Bad Idea for non-off road handling? I live off 
of a very bumpy dirt road, and would like my shocks to last a while, 
(especially at the speeds I take the roads!) and hopefully have deccent ride 
quality, so I'm not going for boge turbo-gas, or anything that is too stiff.

  Is there a way that I can keep my (rear) diff lock at speeds faster than 
20mph (or whatever)? I realize that I may cause premature wear doing this too 
much, especially on dry paved roads, but I'm not going to do that; I would 
use it only on dirt roads/snowy roads. I have the newer style single push-
button lock next to the gear shifter.



ps - Over here in Colorado we just got ~8 inches of snow, and at my house I 
got about 10 inches! I love my quattro!