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SMOKIN'! Turbo

Another question about my recently purchased '83 5ksT... I seem to have 
a bit of a problem burning oil... like large amounts of blue (and rarely 
black) smoke emanate from my exhaust pipe.  Well, as long as I'm fogging, 
it's all fine and good, but I sure would like to cut down on the stares 
at every stoplight.  However, yesterday morning I drove my car to work 
the HARD way -- without using the Turbo at all.  Oh it was damn 
sluggish!  However, it proved a point I was wondering about... after 25 
minutes of driving, my fogging was still minimal.  

My question:  Could my Turbo be the cause of my volumnous emissions?  Or, 
was my lack of smoke more a result of lack of stress on the engine?  If 
it IS my Turbo, any ideas on how I can fix it... economically?


Chris Hinds