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WINTER tyres

In a message dated 95-09-22 01:10:17 EDT, you write:

>Is that "you don't want to be caught with them on the street" due to 
>legal reason or safety reason? I looked at Michelin's rally tires and I 
>can imagine the racket of road noise they'll probably make on smooth street 
>road due to their tread design. But otherwise, it looks (potentially) fun 
>in snow (yeah, it snows here where I live. SOmetimes heavily...).

If you want the killer Snow mans Snow tire, the Hokapolitas are the hardest
to beat, forget the michelins....  I would pick the Vredestein snow a very
close second....  I don't know if Tire Rack still cuts to order, but I had a
set of Eagle GT+4 with a diamond cut in them, that was a killer snow/tarmac
tire for my ProRally Scirocco.....