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Re: Lights & Tech Bulletins

Hairy green toads from Mars made Al Powell say:

> Gregg Temkin <twincam@halcyon.com> wrote:
> > Could anyone tell me if Audi technical service bulletins for my '89 200 
> > TQW are available for review/purchase/borrowing any other way other than 
> > going thru the dealer.

> Yes, they are - you can order them direct from Audi.  I don't recall 
> where I got the info - but I THINK you can check the owner's manual 
> for the address/phone.  If no one can remember more precisely, I'll 
> use the digest post of this message as a reminder to look it up and 
> post it.

I have used AllData via the web. If you want, I can look up and save
the bulletins for your car and mail them to you...

The info is also in the owner's manual. You can mail off for the
index free (some dealers have a supply, too). The bulletins themselves
cost a few $$$.


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