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Cranky oil pressure sensor

Someone wrote:

>	 Last spring I bought a 87 4000CS from a friend up at school.  So 
>far it has treated me well except for two things.  Sometimes for no 
>apparent reason the check oil light goes off while I'm driving.  I can't 
>link it to anything--acceleration, oil pressure.  

My '84 4000S Does this too...

At seemingly random times the oil pressure light (and the annoying buzzer
which would be nice if it worked) comes on for 2-3 seconds.  This maybe
happens once a week.  I had the sensor replaced to no avail.  My ignorance
lies here...  Would this sort of thing be a grounding problem in the wiring,
a chip problem, what?  BTW, the oil pressure IS fine at this time, the
gauage shows no problems at all, and I had that cross-checked with a known
accurate guage...


-84 4000S