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Audi TT & VW Concept 1

     In the latest AutoWeek there's a shot of Audi's new concept car at the 
     Frankfurt auto show the TT.  Looks very similar to the VW Concept 1 
     with a chopped roofline, same wheels and general body shape.  AutoWeek 
     voted it the Best Concept.  Copy reads as follows:
     "In metallic silver, Audi's neat little TT (for technology and 
     tradition) is redolent of the prewar Auto-Union racers, yet looks 
     thoroughly modern.  The TT uses underpinnings of the new Audi A3, 
     which debuts next summer.  The TT coupe sits on a shorter wheelbase 
     and uses the Quattro four-wheel-drive system.  Power comes from the 
     A4's 150-hp, 1.8-liter 20-valve turbo.  A roadster version, the TR, is 
     scheduled to debut next month in Tokyo."
     Can't wait to see that roadster!
     Also, check out AutoWeek on the web:  www.autoweek.com  Looks like 
     they've got some good ideas, could develop into a very nice site.  
     They changed the layout of the magazine a little too, not sure if I 
     like any better or worse yet.  Now I'm done editorializing.
     Jeff Cadman
     '86 5kcstq