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55 now 70, =$

     C'mon, guys and girls, you havn't thought this through...
     Higher speed means less MPG. More gasoline sold, govt collects more 
     tax $. My current state of residence (Wisconsin) is contemplating a 4 
     - 5 cent per gallon additional gas tax; we're already the 2nd highest 
     in the nation. Since the current speed limit isn't being enforced 
     (much) there will be very little loss of revenue from tickets; after 
     all, they can still ticket the people who exceed the new limit to get 
     that same money.
     The change in the speed limit question is less about safety, 
     capability of cars or drivers, and convenience than it is about 
     political posing and money. A very unpopular congress, Republican and 
     Democrat, is looking for a popular issue at the start of the primary 
     voting season. Big oil producing states have a lot of electoral 
     votes...and campaign contributors...
     With EPA mandating higher MPG figures, the only way to keep 
     consumption high is to drive faster...
     A mostly tounge-in-cheek observation on the current political climate 
     Jerry Fields