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Touch Up Pearl Paint?

>            I have a small chip in my clearcoat on the right rear quarter panel
> near the trunklid, and is just in the clearcoat, the paint is fine.  This chip
> happened when I was cleaning my car with one of those high pressure spray
> hoses.  I accidentally got the nozzle too close to my paint for too long and
> before I knew it, there was some clearcoat that had flaked away.
>           I called the dealership for to see if they had a canister of touch
> up paint, but when I gave them my paint code number, they said they didn't have
> it.  My paint is the optional pearl white paint, and I don't think they make
> touch up paint for it.  I tried several paint touch-up specialty places, but
> they were afraid to touch any peal white car, even though all they had to do
> was respray the clearcoat in that area.  It doesn't seem like it would be all
> that hard, but no one seems to do this work.
>          The chip is rather small and unoticable, but I want to touch it up, so
> that it is sealed up and the chip cannot get bigger, which it eventually will.
> It doesn't have to look great, since the car has already been touched up once,
> and they didn't do a great job at it, but it is pretty unnoticable.

Okay, Mr. Dan, here's some info:
The pearl white is THREE parts.  First part is Arctic White, then 
there's a metallic element, THEN comes the clear coat.  I got stupid 
(never mind how - too embarrasing - just assume it's normal for me) 
and chipped the paint UPwards from inside the trink - dented it up, 
too.  S**t!

Went to a Dent-Magic place and in 20 minuted they ELIMINATED the 
dent!!  For $60, I coulda kissed him!  Yuck.  But then there was the 
paint chip.

Audi can supply the white, but it's a lost cause to add the metallic 
as a touch-up. HOWEVER**, you can get clear-coat at parts stores in 
a separate touch-up container.

I use denatured alcohol to clean the surfaceof the chip area and 
eliminte moisture, then touch up.  In my "chip" case, I used the 
end of a toothpick to apply it veddy, veddy carefully.  In your case, 
the brush might work.  (I settled for applying Alpine white, then 
clear coat.  For a chip about 1/8" in size, I'm happy.)  For yours, 
use clear coat only.  I don't think you HAVE to use Audi's clear coat.

If this chip is more than about 1/2 inch, you better be GOOD and have 
a steady hand.  Two light coats are better than one, so they don't 

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