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Re: SMOKIN'! Turbo

Thanks for the quick reply...

Well, I'm getting a small amount of smoke all the time, but I don't mind
that amount (it's certainly acceptable and many cars much newer than mine 
smoke more).  However, the turbo does seem to be dumping oil.  Another 
clue might be the quart of oil a week I have to add to the car.  Please 
note, however, that I also have a leaky sending unit, so I know that ALL 
the oil is not leaking because of my Turbo.  However, if my Turbo is 
dumping oil (which seems very logical to me), is there anything I can do 
short of getting a new Turbo?  If all else fails, can I easily disconnect 
the Turbo and still expect the car to accelerate reasonably?

Thanks again...

Chris Hinds

On Fri, 22 Sep 1995, Dave Eaton wrote:

> re: the smoking audi.
> top end wear would exhibit itself with blue smoke on over-run, while piston
> ring wear would be blue smoke all of the time, also during hard acceleration.
> most likely given the symptoms you describe, you have a dodgy turbo bearing
> which is dumping oil into your exhaust system.
> -dave.