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Recaro Seats (2) For Sale


I'm having a garage sale of sorts.  I have two new Recaro seats, leftover
from when I owned an aftermarket car stereo store.  These seats are new, but
are 6 - 7 years old.  They have been in storage in my garage since 1991 and
I know that I'm never going to use them.  

MAKE ME AN OFFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

(I have included the 1990 dealer invoce cost, not the retail selling price,
to give a reference as to the real value of these seats.  Don't bother to
make a ridiculously low offer since I can sell the two seats here in
Albuquerque for $250 each.  Obviously I will entertain offeres above that.

If you need more information, E-mail me at edf355@indirect.com. In most
instances you will need to spend about $70 to buy an appropriate adaptor
bracket to mate the universal bottom of the Recaro to you existing seat
track mechanism.  If you wanted to upholster the seat to match existing
interior trim, figure on spending between $200, for cloth or vinyl, to $500,
for leather, at a local trim shop.)

1989 CT Seat 07326021 (driver's side), Custom Creme Beige MB Tex Vinyl
(this seat was done custom for a 1986 Mercedes 190, the client backed out of
buying the seat after I had ordered it).
*Adjustable thigh support
*Adjustable upper latteral support

The original dealer invoice cost, in 1989, was $619.13 + shipping, the
custom upholstery was $525.00.  I have the matching headrest in Creme Beige
MB Tex Vinyl ($35.10 dealer invoice cost)

1989 JFC Seat 17119021 (driver's side), Standard Black Cloth
*Full electric recline
*Adjustable thigh support
*Narrow cushion to fit limited space applications (Jaguar-Fiero-Corvette et al)

The original dealer invoice cost in 1990, was $546.74 + shipping.  I have a
matching standard headrest in black cloth ($35.10 dealer invoice cost) 

In addition, I have one blue cloth phonic headrest ($91.00 dealer invoice
cost), with built in stereo speakers that I will give to the first person
that makes me a really reasonable offer on either of the seats.  When I had
my store, and when we did built in remote front and rear radar detectors, we
used to wire the alarm output of the radar detectors to the head rest
speakers for a really unique installation. 

If you are interested in either of these seats or want more information,
please E-mail me at edf355@indirect.com with your phone and/or fax number.
I have access to the mounting brackets through an outside fabricator at less
than half the price of Recaro brand brackets.

If you want to find matching seats, I can put you in touch with Recaro
dealers on either coast, but be prepared to pay retail prices, which is
25-30% higher than the dealer prices listed above.  Still, getting a good
deal on one of my seats will keep the overall upgrade costs on a pair of
seats much more reasonable than buying both at full retail.

Rich Truesdell