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87 4000csq report card

I saw that 87 4000CSQ over the weekend.

- clean interior
- well maintained, all records
- motor is only 60k old or so (original motor was hydrostatically 
  seized when 1st owner drove on a flooded road)
- good tires
- paint is in good shape

- unusual amounts of rust - hood needs to be replaced, rear quarter
  panel is bad, some bubbling on doors (maybe because of flooding
  described above?)
- rims need paint and have some bubbling rust
- a/c belt is missing - suspect dead compressor
- rear calipers and handbrake calipers probably need replacing,
  the rear end is dragging
- rear bumper cover is cracked and taillight is crooked
- needs strut inserts
- something is clunking when you first take off
- ticking from engine when cold (not lifters, could be pump or

Overall, it needs work.  I spoke to Greg Haymann of Autofirme, a local
Audi specialist (and QCUSA member) and he thinks the price is 
ridiculous and I should avoid it like the plague.  He feels the value
of a nice one in our area is around $3000.  As a comparison, he told me
he just sold a 111k 1988 90Q in pearl white with everything for $6900,
in mint condition.  And of course I just missed out on Tom Levecki's
89 90Q (BOB!!! Grrr...).  So he's going to keep his eyes open for me.

If anyone is interested in it for $3500 (the lowest he'll go) let
me know.

It was fun looking at a 4000 though, it was only the second one I've 
seen up close.

Oh - I noticed these evenly spaced raised `bumps' on the dash, which
were everywhere.  Is this on all 4000 dashes?  Seemed weird to me,
but since they were so perfectly spaced I figured it had to be factory.

| Dan |
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