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Touch Up Pearl Paint? (fwd)

> > it.  My paint is the optional pearl white paint, and I don't think they make
> > touch up paint for it.  I tried several paint touch-up specialty places, but
> > they were afraid to touch any peal white car, even though all they had to do

I fell in love with the pearlescent white A6 Quattro.  I don't own a pearl
white quattro because the salesman discouraged me!  Exactly this point.  He
said that if you liked it, and were freakish about the looks, you will
find that any repairs will not blend that well.  Indicated that the
entire quarter panel (etc.) would need to be done.

First time a salesman encouraged me to *not* buy the more expensive option.
I immediately trusted him more...

'85 5Ks
'95 A6 Quattro