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Re: Reset O2 sensor light

On Sun, 24 Sep 1995 AUDIDUDI@delphi.com wrote:

> The 02 sensor warning light on my '87 5k has just turned on and the Bentley
> manual doesn't seem to list the procedure for turning it off ... I replaced
> it 10k ago and the car is running fine (or at least as fine as it can using
> oxygenated fuel ... arrgghhh!) so I assume this was triggered by mileage.
> How do I turn it off?  I've got a long drive ahead of me next weekend and I
> am positive this will drive me nuts if I have to stare at it for 5 hours...
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>                /-| | | | | | = | | | | | | |  Jeffrey Goggin
>               /  | |_| |/  |   |/  |_| |/  |  Scottsdale, Arizona
Jeffrey, I currently have an 85' Audi GT Coupe.  I have previously owned 
an 86' and 87' Audi 4000s as well.  As you might have guessed they too 
had those annoying O2 lights that Audi puts in there just so you can pay 
$100 for them to turn the light off and tell you that your car is working 

Well Jeffrey after being annoyed with this light one to many times, I 
decided to permanently take care of the situation.  Its not that 
difficult if you have the patience to take your dash apart.  If you 
decide that it really is worth the effort, (IT REALLY IS!!!)
once you have the dash apart, look where all the idiot lights are on the 
panel and locate the blue wire that is attached to that panel.  You can 
double check this to make sure you have the right wire by following the 
wire and looking to see which idiot window ists connected to.  I'm sure 
you know what window it is connected to as I know how obnoxious that 
light is.


Brian Zalner