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NHTSA Crash Test Results for Audi 1985-1989 ?

I've been studying the crash test results for 1980's cars (yes, I'm
shopping for one, for a family car) and have some questions about the
results for the Audi.  This seems to be the place to ask ;-)

So far as I can tell, the NHTSA tested one Audi 5000 in 1985 and
measured a very high (2105) value for the "Head Injury Criterion" (HIC)
on the driver's side (values around 400-500 are apparently required for
a "Very Good" on this criterion).  The similar value for the passenger
side was 557, and excellent (low) values were obtained for "Chest
Deceleration" (CD) and "Femur Loads" (FL).

The 1989 Audi 100 was tested, yielding a remarkably good value (185)
for the driver's HIC, a slightly higher than previous value (710) for
the passenger, slightly better CD for driver, same as previous for
passenger, and significantly higher FL than 1985.

The period between 1985 and 1989 is unaccounted for, however, since
the NHTSA doesn't retest a car unless it is significantly redesigned.

What design changes were made to reduce the HIC for the driver in their
1989 100?  And, along the same lines, why did the "FL" injury criteria
get worse with the 100?  Is the 100/200 a significantly redesigned car
from the 5000 (same question about the 80/90 versus 4000)?  I thought
that the model "name" change occurred to avoid associations with the
unintended acceleration publicity.

Have there been other published crash test results for these cars?
Although I'm reluctant to choose or avoid any given model based on a
single crash test result (and there's only one, for any car), what else
is there to use for guidance?

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