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Water pump & noisy lifters

In all the excitement of the NW Quatrro Club meeting last weekend, I 
forgot to thank everybody who responded to my leaking coolant dilemma 
with the advice about the water pump.

I did promise a six-pack of liquid refreshment to the first person with 
the right answer......now who was it that wanted that in Pentosin?

In my effort to take care of things before they get really bad, while I 
was taking things apart, I decided to go ahead and put in new hydralic 
lifters.  Before, if I drove the car for 5-10 minutes and kept the oil 
pres. above 3 bar, they would quiet down.  The new lifters went all the 
way from Portland to Chehailis (about 100 miles at freeway speeds) and 
were clacking just as loudly when I got there as when I left.

Is there anything I need to do to seat the new lifters properly?  I 
didn't see anything in the Bently manual about putting them in the head 
in a specific way, so I just dropped them into place.....did I goof?  Or 
with my everpresent need to sacrifice to the Audi gods, did I spent $100 
on a bad set of lifters?

Any suggestions, comments? (at this point I'll even take snide remarks!)



Gary Erickson -- '85 Coupe GT
Hilary Tombaugh -- '80 4KS (5 cyl)

Find us at: erickson@teleport.com