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Re: Eurorace 2.5 liter kit...

  I looked into this VERY SERIOUSLY for the KuQEFH project.
  I concluded that, for the >$1k, that I could do a LOT of head
  work, intake & exh manifold porting/EH, cam, etc for about the
  same $, and get the same or more performance without the
  reliability hit that a stroker kit might cause. I would say that only
  if all other performance mods are to be done and you have the
  $$$ left over would it be a sensible HP/$ alternative to go with
  the stroker kit. This may be tempered somewhat if NA Vs turbo,
  or if you are specifically looking for torque down low that the
  longer crank throws can provide. All strictly IMFO,


  ps I hear you MUST perform additional machine work to the
  block for the crank to clear

  pps you can bore the 5-cylinder to close to 2.5L without the
  stroker kit - this is what I did - and use custom pistons