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Re: All this attention??

Hairy green toads from Mars made Mark Bagdy say:

> BTW, my general comments on the A6 are very good except the following 
> grievences:
> 1)  I need Hulk Hogan to open my trunk.  It re-defines "stiff".  My 
> 	daughter needs me to open it for her.

If it's like the 100's trunk (a spring on each side), the springs can
be loosened fairly easily. Mine was just the opposite: a 3 MPH breeze
would slam the lid down on my hands. The dealer fixed it lickety-split.

> 2)  The radio is broken for the second time, and I'm into my 6-th week
> 	waiting for a replacement.

Same old same old. Still using the Delta's?


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