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Re: How to flush coolant in URQ?

  I faced the same freeze-plug (that's not what it's for)
  problem then installing the S4 turbo in the 85 ur-Q.
  What I did; I left the coolant in the system and drilled
  a small hole in the plug. I figgered that with the coolant
  in the system and the drill bit's natural tendency to "pull"
  the debris outward that most if not all of the debris would
  be removed by the drill and the pressure of the coolant.
  I then used a home-brew slap-hammer made from some
  threaded stock with a wood screw on the end and a 5 Lb
  weight from a standard weight set to "hammah" the old
  plug out. Worked like a charm! I used a large socket to
  "hammah" the new plug home. Oh, threaded the wood
  screw into the hole drilled in the plug....then hammahd.....