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Re: 86 4000q

>Well I almost bought my girlfriend a 4000 quattro yesterday. I found an
>ad for an 86 4000 quattro, red, good condition, high miles(probably at
>least 115k... doesn't seem to high for me) new tires and new exhaust.
>$1400 or best offer. I called and the damn thing was sold.
>   /  \  /             Kyle D. Ledford            \  /  \

I feel for ya Kyle,  I saw an 85 4000Q 135k miles, $995.- or B/O.

I don't even need another car, but I couldn't pass it up :-)

I called at lunch and made an appointment with the wife to look at
it that night, got a call a couple hours later, the husband had sold
it!!!   Damn.

Mike L,