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Rear wiring loom for seedans

A little FYI for all you seedan owners.....  While recently packing my trunk
with sound deadening material (with the 3in exh, kids can't hear barney), I
happened to find myself upside down in the trunk.....  And lookie here, the
wires that go to the tail lites go thru that tube trunk hinge.....  And I had
4 grounds and 3 power wires that were open with no shielding on them, and in
a couple places the shielding was cracked.....   It seems as tho the
thousands of opens and shuts puts some strain on the wiring where it enters
the tube.....  I put tape on the offenders, and used a piece of that plastic
tubing wire protector (which should have been there to begin with) and am
confident I'm good for a few more thousand opens and shuts.......

I had this vision of all my friends on the list climbing upside down in their
respective trunks....   Could be the initiation to this quattro list......  
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'87 5ktqRS2 X 2