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Re: What did I just fix?

>While poking around in the engine compartment of my '89 200TQ I found a
>broken small-bore rubber tube connected at one end to the wastegate spring
>cover of the turbo and at the other end as one of three hoses and a small
>wiring harness to a canister mounted on the firewall.  The canister is about
>an inch and a quarter in diameter (estimated) by about 2 inches long.
>I fixed it.  Now, someone, anyone, what did I just fix?  What does it do?
>What symptoms did I just correct?
I THINK, the canister you refer to is the wastegate frequency valve (not
to be confused with the mixture control frequency valve). It's purpose
is to allow the engine management box to diddle with the boost, superimposing
fine control on top of the coarse mechanical control supplied by the
wastegate itself. You may or may not get a little more boost now, depending
on the exact stiffness of your wg spring. If it was stiff enough to give
you ~0.3 bar over atmospheric already, you'll prob. see no difference.

Nick Craft