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89 100 For Sale

Hi Everybody,

That day has come where it's time to move on to another vehicle for 
no other reason than I would like to move up to a newer car :-)  So the
venerable 89 100 is For Sale. (I knew I shouldn't have driven that
V8 tuesday.....:-)

1989 100 Sedan:  Exterior, Burnt Cayun (kinda metallic maroon with a
copper accent to it), Interior Black Leather, Automatic, 94,986 Mi., 
Build Date March of 1989, Car is still very tight, no squeaks or rattles,
very quiet.  All Service Records since I bought it. Of course we have 
the power seats (dual(4 memories)), windows, locks, steering, brakes, 
mirrors, roof, Climate control, cruise, tach, volts, oil pressure, oil 
temperature, water temperature etc......

Let's see work I've done to it since I bought it at 45k miles:

- I've installed the SKI Bag option
- New Battery last year
- Repco Metal Masters up front about 15k miles ago
- New Audi 4 ring floor mats from Carlsen this summer
- New 3 wire water temp guage sensor, from Carlsens
- Castrol GTX 10-50 for summer and 10-30 for winter oil changed 
  every 3k miles.  (gotta love the heated garage in the winter :-)
- New windshield year and half ago
- New Headlight enclosure on passenger side (well new to the car 
  anyway :-), old one got cracked by a rock on the highway.
- It's been in for the Differential Recall at 60k, so the diff is filled
  with synthetic,  had the fluid replaced again at 85k
- New timing belt at 85k
- All fluids flushed at 85k, Oil, Differential, Trans, Brakes, and 

I suppose you want to know the BAD things too huh ?  Ok here they are:

- Driver door under the molding has a small dent, softball size, from a 
  jerk who didn't quite make the u-turn.  Paint wasn't scratched thru, I
  compounded his paint off of it and waxed it up.  I didn't want to repaint 
  it,  because it's a special paint like the Pearl White and they'd never
  match it right.  If the buyer wants it painted, I have quotes for 
  $350-375.- from a couple of places.

- There is a small dent on the trunk from where the previous owner closed
  the trunk on something that didn't quite fit.  it's about a third smaller 
  than a dime.

- Pirelli P500 tires 30k Miles ago,  2 rears still have probably half the 
  tread left, the fronts are worn a little on the outside edge (had problems
  with them leaking air slowly for sometime,  before I had them re-mounted,
  which fixed it)

- Fuel Pump has been a little noisy since I bought it, can't hear it if radio 
  is on or if car is moving.  (Had dealer give me a Bosch Fuel Pump when 
  I Bought it,  But noise never changed for last 50k miles.....)  Sorry but 
  you can't have the pump. I may need it for my wifes 89 100 Wagon :-)

- Power Steering pump has been leaking about a drop a day for the last 
  20k miles, I've put 1 and half cans of Pentosin in it for a grand total 
  of $15.-,  Sorry but I just can't see spending $400.- for the pump and 
  installation at a trade off of $15.- in Pentosin.  I'll include a years worth
  of Pentosin to the new owner :-)

- The radio volume control is kinda flaky on the Delta radio, just started 
  doing this a couple of day's ago, I think she knew I was going to sell 
  her :-)  You can trade it in on another radio at the dealer for $85.-
  Unless I have it done before someone buys the car :-)

Price : $8,500.- or Best Offer

Mike LaRosa
E-mail 76761.1444@compuserve.com
Nashua NH

BTW,  Anyone seen any nice 200TQ's Wagon or Sedan in the Southern NH area lately