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Audi's Add Humor

Collage 145                                       27 SEP 95

Taking HumourNet's "Best Humorous Subliminal Advertising" award is
Audi (the European automobile manufacturer). In their ad campaign for
the new "A4" (a car, not a paper size :-), they have several shots of
the car zipping around and doing neat things, while the narration
discusses why driving an A4 is better than flying in the Space Shuttle
(or something like that). And while all this is going on, the usual
legalese--the "fine print"--flashes for mere microseconds across the
bottom of the screen. It's too fast to read in real time, but if you
record it and freeze-frame it, the following two messages appear:

"Professional driver. (Cool job, huh?) ..."

"MSRP of 1996 Audi A4 not incl. dealer prep, dest. chg., taxes, license,
or fuzzy dice. ..."

(Ellipsis points added to denote omission of unrelated text.)

Apparently, someone at Audi's advertising company has a pretty good
sense of humor.

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