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Re: Quattro Digest V2 #472

> Subject: re: power window 86 coupe GT
> Symptoms point to a bad regulator.  Had to replace the passenger window 
> regulator in my 87 CSTQ a couple of months ago.  Cost about $160, if memory 
> serves me correctly.

Window goes down but not up??  You, sounds like regulator.  Major 
pain in a**.  One possibility while saving up (learned in my '84 5K) -
 take off the door panel, shove the window up, cut off a broom handle 
and prop the window FULL up - tie the broom handle in place - and 
**DISCONNECT** all the window switches so you won't try to lower it 
by accident!!!!  (Duuuhhhhh..)

This keeps the window full up w/o duct tape (yuch) and buys you time 
to find a replacement or save up for one.

Hey - it ain't elegant but it works!!  The regulator design in 
the mid-80'sucks, as far as I'm concerned.  We broke two in five 
years without doing anything to deserve it.  Hope they've improved 
them since...

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