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Re: Awls

Did some testing with the Pentastar folks a few years back and learned that
the order of preference is as follows:

Mobil 1 = Best
Shale oil = next best - Quaker State come to mind here
Sand Oil = next to next
Change Oil = Makes all below the best just about equal......

And the reason Mobil 1 had any advantage was not necessarily it's superior
performance in regards to lubrication (in fact, regler oil changes almost
showed no diff in lube, some in detergent properties tho), but more so the
heat range of the claimed viscocities......    But, we did see a minute
increase in the hydraulic cam motors on the dyno, but this could be for the
same above observation......  Me, I run Mobil 1 10/30 or 20/50, and recommend
only one of these two for the tweeked turbo/computer user, and then only for
it's heat range viscosity...... I've seen posts that people claim XXXX is the
best....  IT DOESN"T MATTER what oil you use, as long as you avoid the
recycled stuff.  The key is to change it regularly.....  When I buy a car, I
don;t really care what they put in it, just how often......  In fact, I know
guys that brag that they ONLY use Mobil 1, but then only change it every 7500
(filter interval or no), I get more leery than the guy that used K-mart oil,
but changed it Religiously on the 4th Sunday of every month.....  And, any
non sythetic that hits 140C/284F (insert general rule here) is toast, change
it immediately.....  And considerinng some of the head temp posts of late,
everyone should pay attention to that tidbit.....

87 5kRS2 X 2