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Re: exhaust for urQ

I believe the tubing on the stock Ur-TQC is stainless steel.  If you want 
larger tubing then it makes sense to change it.  Otherwise, why bother?

'83 TQC (#530)
a coulple of 16V VW's

On Fri, 29 Sep 1995, Richard Funnell wrote:

> Q,
> I am planning to install a straight pipe in place of my resonator, and a
> Borla 40668  SS muffler in the rear.  From what I found in the archives, I
> expect this to sound reasonably quiet and perhaps remove a bit of uneveness
> under full throttle acceleration.
> I would prefer to have an all stainless system, but the local shops I have
> dealt with don't stock any stainless tubing, and one shop (the most
> promising so far in terms of apparent knowledge) say they can't bend
> stainless in their standard bender.  I can order a 5 ft length of 2 1/2 SS
> tube for about $70, but that seems a bit steep if I only get to use 1 ft of
> it.
> Does anyone know of a shop in the Bay area that regularly works with and
> stocks SS tube?  Alternatively, does anyone know where I can buy SS tube
> and 90 deg bends?  Thanks.
> Richard Funnell,
> San Jose, California
> '83 urQ
> '87 560 SL

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