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Re: Blackened Distributor Contacts

On 29 Sep 95 at 16:57, PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 95-09-29 13:51:39 EDT, you write:
> >
> >Jay asked:
> >----
> >I have a AUdi 5000S which seems to have blackened distribitor contacts that
> >recu
> >
> >
> >r in
> >a few days after shining them up. What is the diagnosis and how do I fix it.
The same thing happens to my 5k.  I haven't had time to worry about 
it, but it occurred to me that it may be a weak ignition coil.
> >Do
> >the
> >spark plug wires have top be replaced with original AUDI wires or is there a
> >gen
> >
> >
> >eric
> >substitute for them?
I replaced some Bosch wires (they looked like OEM items) with 
no-name-brand wires from the local AutoWorks (love the staff there) 
and noticed no difference.  Well, it did get rid of an intermittent 
misfire that'd been caused by a cracked wire...
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