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Re: Extrude Hone

In a message dated 95-09-30 20:31:08 EDT, you write:

>Hi Scott,
>Does one EH the manifods and head then send out for porting and unshrouding?
No, get the "hogging" done b4 you EH, remember all EH does is "water flow"
polish the existing air route, so you want to do all routing mods before the
silly putty....
>The reverse? Or is it more of an iterative process where both are done at
>the same time? Do you have any idea of how much flow improves on an NA 5cyl
>when the whole process is done?
I only know of some of the turbo audis (direct exp), turbo 944 (direct
experience) and N/A 5.0 mustang EFI.....   But the article I read on the
mustang tested EH a GT40 intake vs. all other intake mods on the market.....
 and the EH of the GT 40 intake had the highest torque and HP numbers of all
in the test, by a good margin.......  The other article that peaked my
interest while Engine Manager on a 944 turbo Pit crew, was the EC article
concerning EH vs the Ruff Porsche magicians at Port/polishing.....  EH came
out ahead by a little, but always......  The neat thing about EH is its
tendency to improve Torque and HP at the same time, a cream dream for all
>Do you have a number for the Extrude Hone folks? 

I usually don't post numbers, but they are located at 8800 somerset blvd,
 Paramount CA, and the area code there is310

no prollum