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Re: Dino juice

In a message dated 95-09-30 23:17:46 EDT, you write:

>OK, I'm not being sarcastic, but if the Castrol R, which I must be too 
>young to remember, was so good, where is it now?  You'd think if they had 
>a good thing going, they would have kept it going...
>Robert Phillips

It was the best thing at the time 40's - early 60's.  If you go to a vintage
motorcycle meet, you'll probably still see it used.  Or more accurately,
you'll smell it being used - when burned it gives off a sweet odor.  Just one
of the joys us old timers get when at vintage races.
Being a purely natural product, it didn't perform well a very high
temperatures, and after a few uses it built up a thick film inside your
engine.  Once the petroleum boys got their additives working correctly,
Castrol R became a thing of legend.