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Re: rep. noisy lifters (SMTP Id#: 52596

I have used a statiscope Paul, the noise seems to be everywhere. 
If I place the scope on the distributor shaft, I would swear to
that its coming from there. If I place the scope on any of the
followers, I would swear its coming frm there, etc.,etc. 
However, last week I changed the oil (I do so after every 3k
miles) from 20W50 castrol for the summer months, to straight 30W
Mobil (not) the syntec.  Today was the first time I drove it, and
to my surprice there was not a sound from any of them.  The car
was not driven at all over the weekend and it was stone cold this
morning.  If the noise comes back, I intend to take a filler
gauge and see if I can pin point the source.  Thanks for your
interest Paul.  Tony.