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Re: Galvanizing

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  I don't think my '84 4KQ is galvanized, it's rusting badly.
  Leagal lightening for SCCA HS!    :)
  My '85 ur-Q, however, is holding up very well and I
  suspect that it may be galvanized, though the hood
  (bonnet) is in tough shape. Perhaps on this car only
  the body was hot-dipped and the hood may not have
  recvd the same treatment.....? '84 4KQ - first year of
  Quattro for the masses!

On Mon, 2 Oct 1995, srmcpher wrote:

> Hi all!
> Does anyone know what year Audi started uses galvanized bodies?  I just
bought > a 1986 5kCS with 105K and I am amazed at the condition of the
paint & body. > The paint is original and there is zero rust anywhere
(remarkable for a 9 > year old car that has spent its whole life in
Syracuse, NY (ie. LOTS of salt

Not sure when they started.. but my '84 4000Q (the first year for quattro
in the 4k's) had a galvanized body. 300K miles later still totally rust
free and looking great! (and Im in CT where there is a lot of salt too)

Drive Safe, Drive Fast, Drive a Quattro

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